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Best Hangover Cure:
The Hangover Hero 

Cure for a Hangover


A Hangover Cure

 Not For The Faint-Hearted

Hopefully the holiday hangovers have taught us not to drink too much. If not, maybe we've learned a way to drink and avoid the next morning's effects.

While most hangovers disappear naturally after between eight and twenty-four hours, there are several cures or remedies you can try, these include drinking water to re-hydrate the body. Since too much alcohol causes blood sugar levels to fall, foods that boost blood sugar are highly recommended. 

30 Cures for Hangovers
Foods that restore lost potassium and salts as well those containing fructose (which assists in burning the alcohol faster) would be helpful too.

My hangover cure is not for the faint of heart, but it works... when I drank too much I'd do this: Upon waking up, drink two liters of water, "take" a codeine suppository and then go for a 5 mile run... come home and drink two more liters of water. 
If you survived the run, the hangover would be gone for good and you'd feel fine... if not, you'd just collapse and die.

Also, try sipping coconut water as it contains a high amount of electrolytes along with magnesium and potassium and will help your body to replenish minerals that have been lost due to drinking alcohol. 

You can also drink freshly squeezed orange juice with a bit of honey. Vitamin C present in orange juice will help the liver to process the alcohol from your system faster and also wash out the toxins.

Hangovers can happen anytime you drink. They are a rough thing to deal with, but time remains the ultimate and unarguable cure. Of course, hangovers are felt mostly in the morning following an alcoholic session the previous night. They're caused by a variety of chemical and biological reactions to alcohol. 

Hangovers are experienced by every party-goer at least once in their lifetime.

The reason this hangover cure works is because of re-hydration, unfortunately this effect doesn't last, because eventually it comes right back to the dehydrating effect of alcohol and a vicious cycle sets in.

The strong desire for a hangover cure has led to many strange experimental remedies. In the middle ages, for example, hangover sufferers tried to relieve their pain by eating a mixture that included raw eel.

Hangovers cost the United States more than $148 billion annually in worker absenteeism and poor job performance, according to a study by researchers at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco, California. 

At the end of the day, sleeping off a hangover is still the best way for your body to cope during those painful hours.